Meditation,  Source

Meditate to Tap Into the Power of the Source

By John Assaraf

“In the midst of movement and chaos, keep stillness inside you.” -Deepak Chopra

Meditation is the best known way for tapping into the source of all supply and creation, and for feeling the power of being more connected than ever before to the spiritual essence of our universe and being. Brain research has produced concrete evidence for something that practitioners of meditation have maintained for centuries: Mental discipline and meditative practice change the workings of the brain, and allow people to achieve different levels of awareness and peacefulness.

Research shows that the health benefits of meditation include:

– Reduction of stress, insomnia, anxiety and depression – Increase in creativity, intelligence, energy and inner calm – Improved memory, learning ability, health and relationships – Increased happiness and self-esteem – Feeling and looking younger

I can meditate for one hour and it feels like three minutes. In this dimension, there’s no time as we know it. There’s a sense of total connection to the omnipotent source of all that is…a feeling of oneness with God.

When you have the ability to focus your mind inwardly, it really doesn’t matter what’s happening in the external world. You can complete your tasks instead of letting outside circumstances control your behavior and your thoughts. It’s mental fortitude, and the key to finding it is through mediation.

Mediation allows you to observe your present circumstances and transcend them by using the universal laws and your new-found brain power to attract and achieve everything you want. Meditation connects you to the source of supply.

You don’t have to learn any mantras or learn any particular method. You can start simply by paying attention to your breathing. If you don’t know how you can meditate, try these steps:

– Sit quietly and comfortably in a quiet room and close your eyes.

– Put all of your awareness on your breathing, and start with a deep and slow breath.

– Keeping your mouth closed, inhale though your nose and exhale through your nose. Inhale to your diaphragm, feeling your belly expand. Then let the air out slowly.

– Continue breathing normally, and stay focused on your breathing. Follow each breath with no thought.

– If thoughts intrude, don’t give them a hard time. Just be aware of the thoughts, let them pass, and bring your attention back to your breath. You simply want to start controlling your mind in such a way that when chatter does come in, you can set it aside and focus.

Your first session might last a grand total of 30 seconds, but you should emerge feeling refreshed and alert. If you can’t get to 30 seconds without thought, try 10 seconds. Each time, try to extend it longer. After a week you will find that five minutes feels like seconds. Gradually increase your meditation time to ten minutes, 15 minutes, and then 30 minutes a day to practice controlling your mind and focusing on managing your thoughts.

The purpose of meditation is to get centered, connect to the source of all supply, quiet the chatter in your mind, and give yourself the reprieve you need. Meditation calms your vibration to the frequency of creation and infinite intelligence. Everything you want in your life comes from this frequency.

With a better way to understand the self, you can acquire an awareness of who and what you really are. From this place of infinite intelligence and knowing-everything is created and everything is possible

Without exception, positive affirmation is the key to all advancements in meditate techniques. That includes Guided meditation, manifesting process and brain entertainment.


John Assaraf is a spiritual entrepreneur and teacher with an insatiable passion for brain research, quantum physics and helping others. As a result of his passion to live an extraordinary life, he has dedicated my life to studying and applying what he has learned and then passing on the lessons to others. In addition, I have authored several New York Times bestselling books on the topic including “The Answer,” “Having it All,” and The Vision Board kit. I was also a featured teacher in the movie and book “The Secret.” I’m blessed to have achieved tremendous success in business and life, building multimillion-dollar companies in real estate, Internet software and business-coaching, as well as becoming an international bestselling author, speaker and trusted business growth advisor.