“Every person with whom you interact is a part of the person you are becoming. Not a single interaction with a single person is left out of the process of your becoming…Your interaction with others helps you to define your own personal preferences, and even if you are not speaking those preferences out loud, you are projecting them vibrationally, and they become the foundation of your very expansion.” – Abraham-Hicks

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Love – Learn about the different aspects of love, such as what does love mean, love at first sight, where to find love, falling in love, unconditional love, and more.

Dating – Learn the keys to joyful dating Law of Attraction style!

Soul Mates – Your soul mate may be someone who has come to be with you and learn similar lessons. Or, it can be someone who has come to assist you in your spiritual growth. Learn more about soul mates.

Lovers – Learn about attracting a specific lover, creating a new lover, or having lots of lovers.

Sex – Learn about sexual energy and how it relates to relationships, emotions, and your connection to Source Energy.

Sexuality – There are different types of sexuality and we each have the freedom and right to choose our own personal preference.

Marriage – Videos and articles to guide you on your journey of marital bliss.

Family – Learn the best way to deal with family dynamics; how to deal with conflicts, blended families, and how to tell a new family story.

Parenting – Learn about parenting in the Vortex, the parent’s responsibility, how to be the perfect parent, and words of wisdom from Abraham.

Children – Learn about teaching children about alignment and how to help them stay connected to their Source, guiding children from inside the Vortex, how to deal with children’s fears and more.

Teenagers – Raising teenagers can be a challenge. Learn how to empower them and yourself.