the missing key in the law of attraction
Law of Attraction

The Missing Key in the Law of Attraction

By Beth and Lee McCain

You’ve been reading about and applying the Law of Attraction for some time now and you wonder if it really is real because what you have wanted and asked for just hasn’t come along. So what is causing this in your life? There is a missing key to the Law of Attraction that seems to get lost in all the visualizing, focusing, gratitude logs, deconstructing yourself, allowing, and so much more.

So what is that missing key that will turn it all around? Living the Law of Attraction on a daily basis.

We’re sure that you are snickering and thinking, “I’ve been doing that all along. That’s not true. What does that mean, ‘living the LOA on a daily basis’?! For goodness sake I am always keeping myself in check and making sure I don’t make a LOA mistake. I’m living the Law of Attraction. What a bunch of hogwash! How can that be a missing key?”

Well, guess what? It is all in how you live life; that is what will bring you everything you desire.

When you get so wrapped up in all the Law of Attraction buzz words; LOA, visualizing, vision boards, focusing, allowing, end results, deconstruction, (and there are so many more), you begin to lose sight of what you are really doing right now and on a daily basis in order to attain the life you desire.

You should be living the life that you want to live on a daily basis now. How do you do that when everything you want hasn’t come yet?

Get into the feeling of what it must be like to live how you want. You don’t have to buy a thing to ‘feel’ how you will feel when you have all your desires. You see, the things that you want are just that … things. You may want those things but why do you want those things?

Do you want to be successful and have a beautiful wardrobe because you will feel safe and secure and want to feel good about yourself? Do you want money because you want stress relief and to have security with no worries?

Why you want the things you do is a good place to start, and that is what you live daily; the feeling of the why.

Live the day full of security as if you already have it all. Live the day free of stress as if you already have the relief you seek. By doing this, you are indicating to the Universe that you are living what you want and the Universe will bring you what you emit in vibrations. When you feel safe and secure, you will attract the safe and the secure with all of the things you want attached to it.

Live each day through your feelings as if you have it all. Sure, you should visualize and focus on what you want in the end. But see that you live the feelings of what you want now. Live each day as if you have it all. Be kind to others, help others, enjoy the day no matter what kind of day it is.

By enjoying the day without reaction to everything around you, you will then attract to you all that you are feeling and thinking. If you react in joy and in kindness, you will have a life filled with joy and kindness. Live each day giving to others. Give with a smile. Give with a laugh. Give with listening to someone who needs to be heard.

Live each day with ease. Wake up and tell yourself, “It is another day of ease!” and go about your day. When something ruffles your feathers, calm down and say to yourself, “The day is with ease…” and continue to move forward with ease. Believe it, know it, trust it, and feel it, each and every day, and the Universe will continually bring you a life that you want each day.

Want some change? Live the Law of Attraction daily. You can visualize and focus ’til the cows come home but the true key to the Law of Attraction is to live life as if your visualization and focus have already come true. You can do this through the amazing feelings that you can generate while envisioning the life you want.

We all have desires and when we get those desires fulfilled we’ll always have more desires. We never stop creating. Live the feelings of what you want to come into your life, and live them on a daily basis. Enjoy and love life and you will have the best life you ever could have had through the Law of Attraction.


Beth and Lee McCain are two of the most prolific authors on the subject of the Law of Attraction, also known as The Secret. In addition to three books they have co-authored on the Law of Attraction, the happily married couple host a popular nationally syndicated weekly radio show called Radio LOA, publish the only national LOA magazine, The Indicator, and teach the principles of the Law of Attraction at gatherings and seminars around the world. They make their home in Oregon’s lush Alsea Valley. You are invited to visit for more Law of Attraction information and free study materials.