Time, Manifestation, and Taking Score
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Time, Manifestation, and Taking Score

The following Abraham-Hicks transcript and video were excerpted from their workshop in Kansas City, MO on August 29, 1999. To learn more about Abraham-Hicks visit their website: http://www.abraham-hicks.com/

Video Credit: Vortex Joy

Deadline dealing without taking score too soon?

Q And there are some things that I’m very interested to be part of, that have qualifications
to participate. So it has that time factor involved. And how to be able to line up, so I don’t take
score too soon. I think that is my question. So I’m able to continue movement.

A Well, we would soften our resistance by saying things like, “In this Universe there are no
timelines. There are no deadlines. I can have whatever I am wanting.” In other words, here is
what really is at the heart of your question. When you are… Remember that your goal is to be
pure in your vibration. And what we’ve noticed, as we watch you, is that usually you are purer in
your vibration in your more general statement. But, there is nothing more delicious than to be
really specific and pure at the same time. But if you’ve got to take a choice between specific and
pure, or specific and not so pure, and general and more pure, we would take the general every
time. Because the purity is what matters most.

So for example, if you say, “I have to achieve this much business in this block of time, in
order to qualify for this thing that I am wanting,” that is very specific. But you can feel by the
knot in your stomach that while you want it, there is doubt. Or while you want it, you don’t think
they’re going to do it. So your vibration is not very pure. Where if you would step back from the
specifics of that, and say, “Well, if not this time, some time. And eventually, I’m going to do
that. And I know that that is part of my future. And I know how wonderful that will feel when I
get there. And I don’t have to do it this red hot minute, there’s a lot of leg work and ground work
that I’m going to do in the meantime, and what fun I’m going to have in the bringing of all of
this together. And it doesn’t have to happen right now, but it is going to happen. I know it’s
going to happen.”

Now your vibration is pure. You’ve opened a huge vortex, and all kinds of things begin
to move for you, because you took the deadline off of it. There are all kinds of people that
believe that they have to motivate you with deadlines. Esther says to Jerry, “I shine in a crisis.”
And she does. And because she likes to shine, she creates crises. Not big ones, but we say to her,
what this is all about really, is that the crisis causes you to focus. And when you focus, big things
happen. And so, you tend to want to make the crisis, because you like the feeling of focus, and
you like the feeling of that stronger Energy flowing through, you see.

And so, there are all kinds of people that have learned that that’s how they motivate you
best. They inflame your awareness of what you don’t want in order to try to get you focused on
what you do want. And by trying to get you to focus under these timelines, they think they can
make it happen better for you. And, sometimes, it works for people who have not been focusing
at all, but usually it backfires, because in the moment that you say, “I’m going to do it now, or
I’m going to do it in this specific time,” what happens is the belief factor comes in and just
waters the vibration down so much, that then, not much happens at all.

You would be far better off to say, “I will do this and I will love every step along the
way,” rather than saying, “I’m miserable in my now, and I’m going to leap over there.” There is
a big problem in your vibration when you say, “Here I am, and it’s not enough, but when I get
over there, then I’ll really be happy.” Because there’s contradiction in your vibration. What
you’re saying is, I want something from a place where I’m not vibrating. Where if you say,
“Here I am, and this is a fine place too, and there is where I’m going, and I’m going to love
being there. But mostly, I’m going to have fun in the process of getting from here to there.” Now
there’s no resistance within your Being.

So, what you’re wanting to do, and this is really the point that we’re making in several
efforts of expression in this gathering, we’re wanting you to realize that the contrast naturally
produces the desire. And your attention to what you are wanting will give you a joyful,
comfortable feeling. And when you are in that place of joy and familiarity, then it must manifest.

But in the moment that it manifests, there’s something else that you are experiencing in terms of
contrast, and another new desire is going to be born instantly. In other words, you’re never going
to get it done. You keep thinking, “Well, when I jump over there, then I’ll really be satisfied.”
But you won’t be. Because as soon as you jump over there, then a whole new set of contrasting
experiences are going to jump over there. And then, you’re going to want to jump over there.
And then, you’re going to want to jump over there. You’re never going to be content with where
you are. It is not the nature of the way the Universe is working.

So, when you finally get that, that you’re constantly going to be in motion, and that the
name of the game is the joyful motion, it was never about not liking this and getting to that. It
was always about this leading me to that, and enjoying the journey to that—understanding that
it’s a continual journey that will never cease.

Can you feel how at odds your vibration is when you say, “I have a goal and I’m going to
achieve it,” than when you say, “I have a goal that breathes life into me.” Feel the difference
between saying, “I’m glad I’ve got this goal, because it helps me focus, and it draws Energy
through me, and I love to feel my motion forward along the way,” and saying, “I’ve got this goal
that I’ve got to achieve by a certain time.” Understand, love your goals. Let your goals be the
life-giving thing that they are, not the unfulfilled thing that you’re striving for. Let your goals
give you life, rather than make you feel unfulfilled because you haven’t achieved it.

So if somebody says to you, “Did you make it?” You say, “No!” They’ll say, “Well, why
are you so happy?” And you say, “Because it still exists out there as the focal point that is calling
life through me.” “But you mean you missed it? You didn’t make it?” “No! It’s still out there,
just like it has been, calling life through me. Getting bigger and firmer and clearer. I am so
grateful that I have this goal!” “But you didn’t make it? You didn’t achieve it? You missed it?
You’re not part of that yet?” “No! It’s still all before me. I’m still joyously in the process of
achieving the goal.” “You see, what you don’t understand,” you say to your friend who doesn’t
understand, “the goal is what causes me to focus, which causes the Life Force to be summoned
through me. And as soon as I achieve that one, they’ll be another, and another, and another, and
another. But I am glorious in my now as I am moving toward what will always be my future

Lifetime after lifetime after lifetime after lifetime, you say, “Let me have the delicious
contrast which gives birth. The nugget is the desire that is born out of the contrast. It is not the
manifestation of the desire.” Now, we know you don’t like the sound of that, because it sounds
like we’re trying to talk you into visualizing and out of manifesting. We’re not at all. We want
you to have all of these glorious manifestations. And we say to you, you cannot not have all of
these manifestations. They must come to you when your Energy is aligned. But if you are hung
up on the manifestation and not enjoying the journey, the manifestation won’t come, and the
journey isn’t fun either. Good. What more?

— Abraham-Hicks – Kansas City, MO — 08/29/99