Visualize Your Best Life

By John Assaraf

Visualization all starts with an idea and a crystal clear picture of what you want; you can’t just sit around visualizing and waiting for things to happen. You must take action. To manifest the life of your dreams, try these strategies to make your visualizations more powerful.

1. Think about what you do want. Don’t spend any time thinking about what you don’t want.

2. Start with a picture, an idea visualized in your mind. Before you know it, you will be living it. This is at the heart of how my dream house showed up, as well as every business I have built. The same thing happens to every person who has a vision and knows their thoughts have a direct, causal impact on reality.

3. Write down your goals and then find images that match those goals. Create a vision board that represents all of your goals realized, or select your top three goals and find words and images that illustrate those dreams coming true for you. Make sure your goals and images are specific and clear. The more clarity you create around your goals in every aspect, the more you harness the mind-boggling power of the quantum field to do your bidding and bring that idea into reality.

4. Realize a vision board is about naming the destination. Vision boards create vivid accuracy and emotional power that burns itself into your subconscious. As you assemble a vision board with images, it may become clearer to you why a given image draws you; or it may not. It doesn’t matter. Trust the process; and sooner or later all the answers will come.

5. Get into the emotion of already achieving your goals. Make it vivid, detailed and meaningful. Act as if you already have the things pictured on your vision board-the dream vacation, your successful entrepreneurial business, or your dream partner. Feel as if your goal has already come true. By doing so, your vision of your future will carry great emotional impact and potency. State your goals in the present tense, like you have already achieved them.

6. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Look at the images on your vision board at least twice a day. Repetitiveness of vision combined with your associated emotions will develop your power to visualize and take action to achieve your goals.

The stories we tell ourselves shape our lives. They shape who we believe we are, and this belief translates into who we become. Things don’t arbitrarily happen to you. Events in your life are the reflection of your thoughts, your visions, the echo of your own actions and the thinking behind them. Creating a clear vision is the critical first step to your success.


John Assaraf is a spiritual entrepreneur and teacher with an insatiable passion for brain research, quantum physics and helping others. As a result of his passion to live an extraordinary life, he has dedicated my life to studying and applying what he has learned and then passing on the lessons to others. In addition, I have authored several New York Times bestselling books on the topic including “The Answer,” “Having it All,” and The Vision Board kit. I was also a featured teacher in the movie and book “The Secret.” I’m blessed to have achieved tremendous success in business and life, building multimillion-dollar companies in real estate, Internet software and business-coaching, as well as becoming an international bestselling author, speaker and trusted business growth advisor.