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What About Addiction?

In this video clip, which was extracted from an Abraham-Hicks workshop, Abraham responds to a woman who asks about addiction. To learn more about Abraham-Hicks visit their website:

“So you’ve introduced something to your body, maybe it’s a cigarette, maybe it’s caffeine, maybe it’s alcohol or drugs. So, you introduce it to your body and at first your body does not know what to do with it, or it seems. In other words, it’s a shock to your system always in the beginning because you’re introducing something that the cells of your body are not accustomed to.

Now your body is like a chemical factory. The resiliency of your body is amazing, and it is for a large part because of the enormous number of cellular entities that make up your body. So, you have a huge facility to adjust and adapt, much more so than any of you realize. Your body is changing tremendously, much more than you realize when you’re looking at it from the outside perspective.

So you introduce this substance to your body, and your body receives it and immediately your body, or the cells of your body, do what they always do, they begin to find their balance instantaneously.

In other words, they work to come into alignment given this new set of cellular circumstances. In other words, they’re dealing with contrast just like we’re encouraging you to deal with the contrast.

So what happens is, the cells adjust to this new substance, they compensate for this introduction to this new substance into your system. And in their compensation, or in their adjustment, your body begins to regulate now to the new adjustment that they have made in order to compensate. And then those compensations, or adjustments, translate to you as a craving.

In other words, that really is what is at the heart at everything you would call physical addiction.”

– Abraham-Hicks

Video Credit: AllowWithin