3 Tips for Instant Manifestation

by Jeannette Maw

If it seems like your manifesting success is on pause, here are 3 things you can do to kick good news into gear. (Some of these strategies are easier to implement than others, but I know from experience that all of them can work wonders fast.)

1. Find something to smile about, laugh over, or otherwise lighten up.

Since like attracts like, when you find a reason to get happy or at least feel better, you automatically and instantly become a great match to what you want. This is why falling in love, going on vacation, or other such joys are catalysts to more good stuff.

Doesn’t matter what we want – once we find a way to a higher vibration of appreciation or happiness, we automatically start letting it in the good stuff effortlessly and swiftly. Martha Beck says four days is a magic number; I’ve seen amazing things happen for people after just four minutes of switching up the vibe. It really works.

But remember – feeling better in order to make something happen is not the same vibe as just plain feeling better. Try it without the agenda for best results.

2. Give it up (aka let it go, release it, surrender)

When something’s a big deal and we’re strongly wanting it, it’s easy to have a kinky vibe. Which is why when people finally give up on what they want – that’s when the love interest calls or the job offer comes in or the home buyers show up.

But you don’t have to let it get so bad that you walk away in frustration in order to recreate the same beneficial effect as giving up. You can release the resistance by simply deciding to be okay without it – for now.

3. Find a reason to believe

Once we have reason to believe it’s going to happen, it is on its way. That’s how powerful belief is. It’s why once we hear some sort of powerful good news (like the agent found a publisher who loved it; or the website got quadruple the traffic; or he sent flowers with a love note, etc.) – once we have good reason to believe what we want is unfolding, that powerful belief ushers it right in.

But “knowing” something at will, on a dime, is kind of tricky. That doesn’t mean we can’t still leverage this power on purpose, though. Find a reason to believe in what you want and give that thought some good attention. Not desperate attention; not gonna-make-it-happen attention, just light and easy I-believe-in-it attention. (Or, you can also just set an intention to receive a reason to believe. That facilitates the believing process, too.)

Usually the process of developing expectation is a gradual one, but to whatever extent we can shorten that process, we speed up the manifestation of what we want.

Bonus tip for fast manifesting: ask what would feel better now and honor whatever answer you get.

What these tips have in common is dialing down “need” or “lack” and dialing up enjoyment and belief. Getting what we want really is easier than it seems sometimes.


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