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Manifestation Exercise #29 – The Self Appreciation List

By Janeen Clark

So, you want the Law of Attraction to work for you. You ask Universe (or your higher self, if your prefer) for a list of things that you would like to attract into your life, but time and time again they don’t seem to be forthcoming.

You have probably already tried working on your thoughts, said a ton of affirmations, created a vision board and a bunch of other exercises. And while you see miracles happen once in awhile, they don’t seem to happen nearly often enough or last long enough to make a permanent change in your life.

If this is true for you, then it is time to ask yourself this one serious question: What makes you think you deserve it?

What makes you think you deserve the perfect job, perfect relationship, perfect friendships, an abundance of money, a peaceful spiritual life? Can you answer that question?

If not, then this is the exercise is for you!

You see, in the eyes of Universe you are entitled to all of those things simply by existing. Simply by BEING. Since the day you were delivered on this planet you have been naturally entitled to enjoy every single thing this planet has to offer. No one has more of a right to it than you do.

So if it is not Universe that is keeping it from you (and it really isn’t) than what is preventing these things from happening?

I’ll ask you the question again. What makes you think you deserve it?

You see too often we do not give ourselves nearly enough credit for all that we do. We put things in the “have to” category and forget that all the wonderful things we do everyday for others are actually “choices” we choose to make.

For instance:

I “have to” go to work to pay the bills. No, actually you don’t “have to” – you choose to keep your family safe and comfortable.

I “have to” take care of my kids. No you don’t “have to”. Technically you could skip out tomorrow. The fact of the matter is you choose to because you love them.

I “have to” clean the house, “have to” visit my parents, “have to” go food shopping, etc.

The truth is you don’t “have to” do any of those things. There is no one standing over you with a gun to your head. These are choices you are making for the benefit of yourself and others.

So the question now is, why aren’t you giving yourself credit for them?.

Why are you letting this pesky little critter called “ego” go on and on about all the reasons you should feel bad or guilty or undeserving and not give you credit for the 100 or so things you do every day that are positive?

That is where this exercise comes in. It is time to beat “ego” at its own game. It is time to override all those negatives with hundred of positives every week. And you’re going do it again and again and again until it finally gets the message that you are not a bad person but an awesome one who works hard and it entitled to anything it asks for.

So how are you going to do this.? Simple. You are going to write an I Am Proud Of Myself List.

And you are going to do this every day until your ego finally gets it.

For instance:

-I am proud of myself for going to work today even though I would have rather slept in.
-I am proud of myself for getting my kids ready for school, even if I wasn’t in the mood.
-I am proud of myself for cleaning the house, even though I would have rather read a book.
-I am proud of myself for going to the PTA meeting for my children’s benefit even though I would have rather have stayed in and watched T.V.

And so on and so on.

I am proud of myself that I paid that bill, I am proud of myself I gave my friend that ride, I am proud of myself for thinking of my parents and going for a visit.

You will not believe how quickly this will start to make you feel better and more deserving all the way to your core!.

Now you might ask “what if I can’t come up with things to be proud of?” Piece of cake!

Use your to-do list. If you don’t normally keep a to-do list – start one now!

And everyday write out a list of what you do all day long. Such as:

-Wake the kids
-Make them breakfast
-Get them to school
-Gey ready for work
-Start this project
-Make those copies
-Mail those bills
-Call this friend
-Run this errand
-Call this bank
-Pick up dinner
-Cook dinner
-Do homework with the kids, etc.

Mark off these things as you go along your day. (Extra benefit is that you will be much more organized as well as feel more accomplished.)

But now you will have your whole list in front of you of things you should be proud of. Choices you have made and followed through on, even if you didn’t really feel like doing them.

Now the important part of this exercise is to write or type out the entire sentence of I Am Proud Of Myself for __________.

Don’t just write that once and then list things underneath. Make sure you write out the complete sentence for every line. You are going to get this into your subconscious if it likes it or not! It is time for ego to learn its lesson!! And every day you are going to tell it “I am proud of myself for… I am proud of myself for…I am proud of myself for…”. And you are going to start feeling as deserving as you naturally are.

Then watch how quickly your desires will manifest!. When you prove to yourself how deserving you really are – there will then be no resistance or pushing away when Universe naturally delivers what you have asked for.

Plus there is also the immediate benefit of simply making yourself feel good, giving yourself credit for jobs well done. You will find that even doing this exercise only once or twice will immediately make you feel better and more deserving.

So go for it today! You do deserve whatever you want to create in this life. Now prove it to your self.

Happy Creating!


Janeen Clark is a Spiritual Life Coach who has been teaching, studying and applying the Law of Attraction for almost 20 years. For more articles or information from this author please visit her website at