“If all you did was just look for things to appreciate you would live a joyous, spectacular life. If there was nothing else that you ever came to understand other than just look for things to appreciate, it’s the only tool you would ever need to predominantly hook you up with who you really are. That’s all you’d need.” ~Abraham-Hicks


Appreciation vs Gratitude
Abraham teaches the difference between appreciation and gratitude and why appreciation is more in alignment with who you really are.

Rampage of Appreciation
Abraham goes on a rampage of appreciation.


The Magic of Appreciation
By Kathryn Corbin – You’ve heard it all your life – Count your Blessings. Appreciate what you already have and watch it multiply before your eyes. What IS this phenomenon? Why is Appreciation so magical? Read more >>


The Power of Appreciation
Appreciation is much more than a feel-good mantra. It is an actual force, an energy that can be harnessed and used to transform our daily life—relationships, work, health and aging, finances, crises, and more.