10 Commandments of Conscious Creation
Conscious Creation

10 Commandments of Conscious Creation

By Jeannette Maw

Conscious creators don’t operate from rules, but just for fun – if there were ten commandments of creating reality, I imagine they might go something like this:

1. Thou shalt not care what others think. You’re creating your reality; they’re creating theirs. Their opinions don’t matter if you don’t let them. Leave them be and mind your own business.

2. Thou shalt embrace desire. It’s good to want what you want. It fuels expansion and makes life even better. Celebrate new desire!

3. Thou shalt not figure out how. You’re not supposed to know how it will happen. That’s not your job and not your forte. This is God’s business and it works better without you in the way.

4. Thou shalt not struggle or suffer. Life is meant to be enjoyable. There are no dues to pay and no reward to earn. You’re already worthy. Act like you are the Source-based being you are by embracing a journey of ease and joy.

5. Thou shalt not rely on results. Waiting for your desire to unfold before you feel better is not a best practice. Need and attachment is not where your power lies. See #6.

6. Thou shalt feel better. Get happy first. Cultivate a state of joy and appreciation. That is your business and it’s business worth mastering. But don’t take it too seriously. (Here are seven ways to feel better now.)

7. Thou shalt feel the feelings. Feeling better means being willing to feel whatever you feel. Don’t judge feelings as good or bad or appropriate or inappropriate. Resisting a “bad” feeling locks you into it. Feel it out and then reach for whatever feels better after that.

8. Thou shalt leverage contrast. The goal isn’t to avoid contrast, but rather to master it – by allowing the new desires it inspires to carry you along to expanded goodness of life. Contrast is your friend.

9. Thou shall not subjugate to another’s creation. No one else is in charge of you. Just because someone else made it their reality doesn’t mean it has to be yours. Free yourself of unhelpful influences and create your reality as you prefer.

10. Thou shalt honor inner guidance. No other input matters more than your own inner wisdom. Let your inner guidance be your ultimate authority as you move through life.

I’m not a commandment sort of girl – but even I could see the manifesting value of taking these ideas more seriously than I have been!

Here’s to living the conscious creation life we came here for. ?

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