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Attracting Love – The Abraham Hicks Secret to Finding Love

By Catherine Behan

“In other words, do you know how many men would flock to you…? …if they knew that you would allow them to be as they are and you would not hold them responsible for your happiness.” -Abraham Hicks

Since I began reading the Abraham Hicks books several years ago, I have seen the Law Of Attraction in action many times. Like most, I started with parking spots and green lights, heck it was easy to visualize those things and I had my husband believing in the “Parking Angel” too!

It has been fun for me to watch my life change as I took responsibility for what I was thinking and feeling. I have had a remarkable experience creating a new life by moving to a new community and a new career through attracting people, events and circumstances in the most surprising and delightful way.

But by far the most exciting thing the Law Of Attraction is bringing to me everyday is love, love and more love! I am 56 and it has taken many years and lots of coaching and yes, even a bit of therapy for me to finally realize that the key to a man’s heart is my NOT needing him to make me happy.

Changing my mind about letting a man have responsibility for my happiness has been a long slow process…think of the Queen Mary doing a U turn. But ladies, it has been the best thing that has ever happened to me! The more I find out about what makes me happy and the more time I spend thinking about those things and how happy they make me feel, the more love I am finding…everywhere!

Every now and then, Abraham says something that I don’t immediately understand. They win me over eventually with their humor and consistency.

Feeling loved and appreciated is the biggest prize of all and I couldn’t be more grateful for the simplicity of the message. What you think about expands. That is pretty simple, isn’t it?

Which of these thoughts feel better to you? “I will never meet anyone. I don’t want to go to bars anymore to meet people. I hate blind dates. I should have married the third guy ago. Why did I break up with him anyway. I hate eating alone. I don’t have anyone to go to the jazz concert with. I know I will be happy, once I meet my soul mate. I will never be happy single.”

OR “I love knowing that I am getting better and better everyday. I know I am not an expert yet, but I want to feel happy and I want to notice love wherever I can. I may not know where he is coming from. but I know he is on his way. I wonder how we will meet? I love knowing that when we meet it will feel amazing. I also know that feeling amazing is an inside job and I am learning every day to find joy that fills my chest with warmth. I love love and I want to experience more and more of it all the time.”

Which feels better to you? Try to feel how constricting the first one feels and how expansive the second one is. It is possible to begin to turn your own ocean liner around, no matter how much emotional debris you are lugging around with you!

The Law of Attraction is amazing. Simple and remarkably consistent, it can not bring what does not resonate. Missing love in your life? The smartest thing you can do is face that and make a decision to change how YOU think and feel about love and not hope that men will adjust to you! When a man senses that you are the kind of woman who knows SHE is in charge of her own moods, emotions and ultimate happiness….he will be fascinated and drawn into your orbit. Every time. It is law.


Catherine Behan, M.S. is an Author, Law Of Attraction Love Coach, Seminar Leader, Inspirational Speaker and E-Columnist. Ever wonder why the Law of Attraction seems to be ignoring your desire to be a soulmate? Could your love set point be set too low? Have @LOALoveCoach analyze your point of attraction and discover your love set point.