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Be an Example in Your Child’s Life Through Positive Thought

By Beth McCain

Every parent wants their child to grow up to enjoy life and be successful. Each and every one of us has something in our past that we don’t want our children to experience as they get older. We protect them and nurture them hoping they will never experience hurt yet as they get older they come across their own struggles and we some how feel as if we have failed them. “We should have seen that one coming” and we do everything we can to keep them from making our mistakes that we have made.

You noticed in that last sentence we put ‘making OUR mistakes’. Your children are not you. They are incredible little beings that choose you to experience life WITH. They are not little ‘mini me’s’ that will make the same mistakes we have or learn the way we learn from our own experiences unless they have learned the offending behavior from you by example.

It’s important when we teach our children ‘how to be’ that we don’t encroach upon their own creativity in creating their life. They learn from their surroundings and may perceive things in the way you do but most likely, even if you experience the same experience, perceive it differently.

They may have the same fabric that you have within you but their experiences aren’t an exact replica of you. They go off to school, have experiences that they only tell you about, and perceive that experience through their own thoughts and feelings mixed in with family behavioral patterns. This is where you can make a difference. Be an example.

Teach your child how to live life by being the person you would want them to be. Kindness to others, helping others, loving yourself, no judgments about other people, no gossip, and everything coming from love not fear.

As you learn this in your own self and apply it your child won’t need you to speak a word. They will learn from your actions. If little Joannie doesn’t want to share with another child show them how to share. Direct them in a direction of how you would want to be treated. Show by example.

If your little one has shown behavior of not wanting to share next time you have a wonderful little treat show them what it is to share something you love and explain to them the feeling so they don’t dismiss it. Next time they won’t share bring the sharing of your treat up and tell them to remember the feeling of giving and sharing. Eventually they will learn.

Do you let others walk all over you and give no time to yourself? Your child sees this and may repeat it as he/she gets older. Treat others as you want to be treated because there is a very impressionable child learning behaviors from you. Be the example of what you want your child to be through your own positive thoughts and feelings. It is the best thing you can do for your child and yourself to ensuring a child of feeling accepted and loved as they get older.


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