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Being a Vibrational Match to Source Energy

By Joanie McMahon

Source energy is the energy from which we all came forth. It is the infinite intelligence, love and passionate non-physical place, which is our essence. Once we come forth into our physical bodies, we immediately begin to experience things wanted and unwanted. As we learn how to deliberately focus on that in which we want, we realize that we can bring forth anything that we want to be, do or have. This is the nature of the law of attraction. That which we focus on expands, comes forth and gives us more of its vibrational essence.

To elaborate more fully, if we focus on beautiful experiences or things that we want or wondrous ways that we want to show up in the world, the law of attraction brings to us that which we have asked for and focused on. When we truly get our heads around this, we begin to realize what powerful creators we are.

When we are in nature and fully experiencing the beauty and energy of the plants and wild animals, we can experience source energy. It is a beautiful way to experience the feeling place of source energy. So many people have focused themselves away from the vibration of source. This is how our emotions are so valuable in being our teachers.

What do you mean by that you may ask? Well when we are in negative emotion, this is our guidance telling us that we are moving away from our source. And likewise when we are feeling happy, optimistic & joyful, combined with a deep knowing of our magnificence, this too is our guidance that we are moving towards that in which we are at our core.

It is from this place of knowing of our worthiness, that we draw to us the most wondrous of experiences and things. This is the feeling place of all of our great creators on the planet. They just knew that they could create whatever they were focused on. This knowing is necessary for any great creations.


Joanie McMahon is a business woman who is passionate about wellness for everyone. She is very interested in helping others understand the Law of Attraction and improve their emotional well-being so that all the wonderful adventures a person is wanting can come forth into their experience.