Getting Beyond the Negatives

Getting Beyond the Negatives of Life

By Beth and Lee McCain

Oh those little things in life. You know the ones… Washing the car, cleaning up the pet poop, eating a bowl of ice cream, getting through all those daily moments that we all go through. The question is, how are you when it comes to those little things? Do you dread the after breakfast rush or the thought of another load of laundry in between putting that proposal together for the big meeting?

As you go about your daily life start observing your reactions, thoughts, and feelings of how the day is going to go. If you know that you’re going to have to do something, does it have to be met with frustration and upset? Or could it possibly be met with a mild attitude or better yet, a possibly half genuine smile? Or when eating that big bowl of ice cream do you beat yourself and feel guilty about every little calorie or do you leave the guilt at the door and tell yourself that “I’m going to enjoy it if I’m going to go ahead eat it?”

Day in and day out we all have repetitive chores that must done. There is no question about that. Here is where you can make a difference in your life and even in the people around you. Begin to enjoy all the daily things. Is that possible? I mean, how do you enjoy cleaning out the garage or writing up the office notes when you know everyone is going to groan? You begin the new thought process.

Keeping the energy positive and flowing is how you want to do it. Look at it like this. You have a water hose and the water is flowing perfectly and balanced. Then you step on the hose and the water slows down, or stops completely. But when you keep the flow going you have a nice steady stream. This is how we work.

If you have this great, steady stream of positive feelings and thoughts during visualization and then you go about the rest of the day ‘stepping on the hose’, then you know longer have a nice steady flow.

How about we make the effort to find what is good in all that we do in daily life. When our pet makes a mess and you have to clean it up, realize how grateful you are for that wonderful pet and his unconditional love. Or next time you have to clean out the garage think about all the things you’re going to find and how uncluttered it’s going to feel when you’re done. Maybe put some music on and make it a little easier.

Or how about that dreaded meeting? Realize that you have a good job. Maybe it will cause you to bump it up a notch and make the speech humorous so that it becomes fun instead of tedious. Maybe, maybe, maybe… Search out the joy and if you can’t find something positive. After you have considered all of the good that surrounds you, sit in the neutral zone and keep yourself from getting all worked up over nothing. Because in the long run, it is creating your life and every repetitive thought and feeling brings you to another moment like the one you are feeling at this very moment. Let’s be positively positive in all things.


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