“All of the money that you want is available for you to receive. All you have to do is allow it into your experience. And as the money flows in, you can gently allow it to flow out, for like the air you breathe, there will always be more to flow. You do not have to guard your money (like holding your breath and not letting it out) because there will not be any more coming. More is coming.” – Abraham-Hicks

Money and freedom have become synonymous for many people and since the basis of our life is freedom, the relationship you have with money is one of the most important subjects of your life experience.


Money and the Law of Attraction
Abraham teaches the keys to thriving are making peace with where you are and appreciating what you give your attention to.

Create Money Without Action
Abraham speaks about the power of focused thought and alignment to create whatever you want.

Money Is Knocking On Your Door, Let It In!
Abraham talks about our fortunes and how it is already accumulated, and being held for us in a vibrational bank.

17 Seconds to More Money
Abraham speaks about the power of holding a thought for at least 17 seconds to allow your vibration to get momentum.

Big Chunks of Money
Abraham talks about tricking your brain into believing you already have a big chunk of money as a way to train your expectation.

Money in the Vortex
Abraham talks about how to access the money that is waiting for you in your Vortex.

Desire for Big Money
Abraham explains how the Universe gets the signals we transmit and the beliefs we offer determines whether we get what we want or not.


Who Wants to Be a Money Magnet?
By Kathryn Corbin – “Abundance expands proportionately to match desires.”- Abraham-Hicks According to the Law of Attraction, you’re a magnet attracting into your life whatever you focus on. It is, therefore, a wise course of action to focus on what you DO want rather than what you DON’T want. Read more…