Source Will Never Condemn You or Anyone Else

The following transcript was excerpted from the Abraham-Hicks workshop in Atlanta on November 14, 2015.  To learn more about Abraham-Hicks visit their website:

A It’s fun when thoughts turn to things isn’t it?

Q Yes ma’am.

A Sir. Just kidding. We don’t know, we don’t know who we are. [Laughter]

Q Yes ma’am. So, I would like to preface this by saying I’m from a very rigid East Texas town and when I…

A So you filled your Vortex full early on didn’t you?

Q Yeah. When I transition at a healthy, wealthy and wise one hundred and one, will you help me understand that there is no heaven or hell, that I’ll burn in if, since I’ve acted upon my sexuality, and lived my life as a fun, gay man, that has horrified me.

A Most of all we want you to begin, or continue really, to feel your connection with Source now. Because if we can convince you that your emotion is your indicator of how your Inner Being feels about the things that you’re thinking about, then you can show yourself easily, that when you condemn yourself the source within you is not doing that, that when you feel that fear, that that’s you thinking a thought and activating the vibration and broadcasting the signal that is so different from the signal that Source is broadcasting about the same subject.

Now, this is the most important thing to you finding resolution about this question. We’re just going to tell you how it is. You’re going to have to find a way of convincing yourself that what we say is the way that it is, and we’ll show you some ways to do that. This is the premise that is gonna to serve you so well. In every moment of your awareness, your Inner Being, what man wants to call God, what we call Source, is focused with you right there, right here, right now on the same subject. In other words, it’s not that Source just taps in every now and again on Sunday if you happen to be in the right place [laughter], it’s that everything that you do, every moment in every day, Source of energy is flowing to you and through you, and has a conscience clear, active, right now in this moment, opinion about the opinion, not an opinion about your opinion, opinion about the subject that you have an opinion about.

So, Source knows you and loves you, and when you don’t, that negative emotion is your indication that you are varying from the way Source feels about you. So that harmony, that discord, that unconditional appreciation of the worthy being that you are is flowing to you at all times. At all times.

Humans gets so twirled up in wanting to notice what others are doing and wanting to put the rightness and wrongness in piles and push against. And at the heart of it is a well-meaning desire to be good or to do what’s right, but unless we can convince you that your emotions are letting you know moment by moment what you will know.

You see, you don’t have to wait until you’re a hundred and one and dead. There’s no dead. You don’t have to wait until you are one hundred and one and have made your transition to feel the relief of knowing what Source knows. You can feel the relief of knowing was Source knows right now by feeling around for thoughts that feel good to you when you think them. Because those thoughts that feel good when you think them are thoughts that are harmonious with that which Source feels, or knows. Does that make sense to you?

Q Mm-hmm.

A We could talk a long time, and we’re not going to, about what causes people to want to control the behavior of others. But let’s just put it into some simple categories for now and let’s call it their own insecurity, their own need to control conditions, their own conditional love. Their own desire to feel good and believing that they can’t feel good unless conditions line up with their beliefs. Because they’re trying to find harmony by getting the world to harmonize with their beliefs.

Now we have not said this before, ever, so let’s just stay here for a minute so that you can really hear it. We’re all day, every day, wanting to help you and others like you, find your way into vibrational harmony with who you really are. We want you to close the gap between what you may be believing right here and now and who you really are and all that you’ve evolved to. We want you to harmonize with that which you are wanting to call God. We want you to harmonize with that. So many people aren’t trying to harmonize with what Source is or who has become, or who they have evolved to, or who the Source within them has evolved to. They’re not trying to harmonize with that, instead they stand stubbornly in a belief, this just based upon what they’ve been hearing and what they’re observing, and they want the whole world to harmonize with their belief. Please conform with what I believe so that I can feel good.

Now, you got that didn’t you?

Q I got it.

A So what’s been going on is all of you can feel that discord. You can feel when you have deviated. And so, so many people are saying “Well, I don’t feel so good so you all need to harmonize with what I believe.” And if you can get Source to agree with you that you are unworthy you wouldn’t feel bad. But you’re not gonna ever get Source to harmonize with that. Source is not ever gonna agree with you that you are wrong or that you are bad, or the you’re less than or that…Source is not ever gonna do that. You have no choice if you are wanting to feel good other than to harmonize with who Source is.

And look what goes on in the world as so many people are so convinced that they have the only right way of living and they want everybody else to join them in that right way of living or else, and yet they are so miserable in their “or elseness” because they cannot control what others are doing. And the more they try, the more show them that they cannot.

Helpful? Yes.

Q More than you’ll ever know.

A Yes.

Q Thank you.

– Abraham-Hicks – Atlanta 11-14-2015