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Finding the Very Best Law of Attraction Teachers Without Author Hopping!

By Gary Evans

Over my few years in self development, I’ve came across many teachers of the Law of Attraction and also many students too.

One of the reasons I feel I have been so successful in applying the Law of Attraction into my own life is because of the basic underlying understanding that I have grasped. The one way in which I’ve discovered that you can get the basics completely understood is by remaining constant with one teacher who resonates with you and fully absorb their teaching.

Many students of the Law of Attraction do what I call, “author hopping”. They buy every book they can find on the subject and devour them one by one. From Abraham Hicks to Joe vitale to Wayne Dyer to Louise Hay to Michael Losier and on and on it goes.

From my observation… these people are not gaining the benefit that they could if they completely absorbed the teaching from one teacher. Author hopping can easily cause you more confusion than you started with and so that means no results for you. Not what you want.

My advice is to find a Law of Attraction teacher who resonates deeply with you and stick with them until you are achieving the desired results.

Your feelings are always guiding you towards something that will bring you more joy, and so if you find an teacher that feels good, good things are on the way for you! All you need do is stick with them, understand what they are teaching and then apply it.

So, how do you find a Law of Attraction teacher who resonates with you?

First of all, start doing some background research and see if they are someone you would like to aspire to become like.

Next, pay attention to your feelings. Once you find the right teacher for you, you will feel excited and exhilarated. You will most likely want to start straight away! That passion is a great indicator that you’ve found the right person to learn from. Stick with them, absorb what they are sharing and then apply it.

Results will be yours in a heart beat!


Gary Evans is a Law of Attraction practitioner, author and owner of the company Good To Feel Good who’s mission is to “Teach by Example”. Gary is a successful business owner of 2 online businesses. Gary is dedicated to supporting people in their understanding of Deliberate Creation and has been applying the principles of Law of Attraction for many years.