If you are in alignment with Source, you can eat anything you want and stay fit and healthy. Learn about natural foods, raw foods, junk food, food additives, how your beliefs about food affect your health, the benefits of blessing your food, and more.


Make Friends With Your Food
A man asks Abraham if it is possible to get into a state of perfect alignment and be able to eat and drink anything without it affecting your physical health.

Good Food, Bad Food, Blah Blah Blah
A woman asks Abraham about good food versus bad food.

Natural Food
Abraham talks about what a physical body would choose to eat if it were motivated by its non-physical knowledge and intent.

Raw Food
A woman talks about the raw food diet and asks Abraham if she can bless foods like donuts so it won’t feel so bad in her body.

Junk Food’s Unhealthy Vibration
Abraham explains how our brilliant bodies compensate and adjust to foods and other substances to maintain its balance.


“Let’s say you’ve identified something you want to eat. You have split energy about it because you want it because it tastes good, and you want it because it’s social maybe, and you want it because it’s available, you want it. But you don’t believe it’s good for you, so you want it but you don’t want it. In other words, I want this thing I shouldn’t eat. There’s a tremendous amount of split energy in that. And it is from that vibrational vantage point that most people are eating most things. Let’s just begin by saying that when you get into a place of vibrational alignment then everything that you eat will benefit your body in a more powerful way.” – Abraham-Hicks

“Your physical body doesn’t think of food for anything other than fuel. Someone asked the question to us the other day “What would an absolutely natural physical body eat?” In other words, if it were a physical body absolutely motivated by its non-physical knowledge and intent, what would it eat? And we said “More natural things.” By that we only mean things that are not processed so much, things that are not mixed together so much. Your body would crave fruit and you may eat it all at one sitting. At another sitting your body may crave something more like vegetables. At another setting something more like protein. In other words, your body would crave simpler foods.” – Abraham-Hicks