Learn about parenting in the Vortex, the parent’s responsibility, how to be the perfect parent, and words of wisdom from Abraham.


Parenting in the Vortex
Abraham teaches how to be in sync with the laws of the Universe for the most positive parenting experience.

Key to Really Good Parenting
Abraham speaks about the key to good parenting including specific examples to use when teaching your children.

Words of Wisdom for New Parent
Abraham answers a woman’s question regarding giving birth and parenting.

The Most Powerful Parent
Abraham talks about believing enough in your children to let them figure things out as they go.


“The key to really good parenting is to train yourself into wonderful expectations about your children regardless of how they’re behaving.” – Abraham-Hicks

“The most powerful parent is one who looks at their child and says “You have guidance within you and now is as good of time as any to figure out how to use it. And, words don’t teach. Figure out what you want and go for it.” – Abraham-Hicks