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Steer Your Life in the Direction You Want

By Beth and Lee McCain

Could it be that easy? Just decide that the life that you want is going to be yours and then just steer it in that direction? Yes, it can be that easy when you are intentionally applying the Law of Attraction in your life. However, if your life is not headed in a direction that you are happy with it is time to begin thinking about what you want. Don’t focus on what you don’t want; instead, imagine what your life will be when you are living the life that was intended for you.

You don’t have to struggle, you don’t have to worry, you don’t have to fear but these are the things that we can sometimes repetitively bring into our lives by directing thoughts and feelings on the intense negative emotions that we seem to experience from time to time. The only thing that you have to do to change this negative thinking pattern is to begin focusing your attention on the positive things in life. Instead of focusing on how bad something may seem, instead begin to shift your focus and find a positive within that seemingly negative situation.

Let’s say a co-worker has slandered you to the boss. Instead of focusing on the negative in the situation find a positive within it that will make you feel better. Maybe this will give you a chance to have that much needed talk with your boss about your job and your duties. This is a positive outlook within a negative situation. Find the positive in everything you do. This is a good start toward steering your life in a different direction: changing your perceptions and seeing life as enjoyable no matter what is around you.

As you begin to change your thoughts the logical mind will put up a little bit of a struggle. It gets so used to thinking one way and hands it off to the subconscious mind to repeat the process over and over again. When you begin to change your way of thinking you have to be diligent in changing the pattern so that the logical mind becomes comfortable with this new way of thinking… and then the magic happens. The subconscious mind begins building and repeating the new positives and life starts to take on a calmer, more positive path.

So now you have the positive life, but what about what you want in life?

After you have started working on the positive way of thinking build a visualization that you can sit and think on for a few minutes a day. See what you want, feel what you want, and see it as if it is happening at that very moment. Put only good positive thoughts of joy toward this new way of life. Then let it go into the Universe and let the Universe bring back to you what you have emitted through your visualization. Whatever you emit comes back to you, so why see it in the now and not in the future?

If you visualize as the future it will stay in the future and you will be forever chasing the dream, but if you see it as happening right now the feelings and thoughts you emit will be of the now and that will create the future that you seek. Steer your life in the direction that you want through your thoughts and feelings. The Law of Attraction is always working with you. It is you who must steer it in the direction; the one that you decide.


Beth and Lee McCain are two of the most prolific authors on the subject of the Law of Attraction, also known as The Secret. In addition to three books they have co-authored on the Law of Attraction, the happily married couple host a popular nationally syndicated weekly radio show called Radio LOA, publish the only national LOA magazine, The Indicator, and teach the principles of the Law of Attraction at gatherings and seminars around the world. They make their home in Oregon’s lush Alsea Valley. You are invited to visit for more Law of Attraction information and free study materials.