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You Have Access to Everything

In this video clip Abraham teaches when you’re connected with Source you have access to everything. To learn more about Abraham-Hicks visit their website:

“Humans have for a long time, in a variety of different ways, come to believe something that is so off, that it keeps you separated from the power and the joy of your now. So many humans believe that they came from that which is Source and they will return to that which is Source, but they have no sense of how Source is present with you out here on this leading edge, and that this leading edge is the leading edge of all creation. Somehow you’ve convinced yourselves, and it is illogical that you’ve come to the conclusion, you’ve convinced yourself that you are separate from that which is Source and you’re somehow needing to prove some sort of worthiness, and in time, if you’re good enough, you will return to that which is Source, and that’s really where it’s all going on. But friends, that non-physical realm is not where it’s really going on. This is the leading edge. This time space reality, this leading edge manifested Source Energy is the leading edge.” – Abraham

Video Credit: LovingLifeWithAbe