law of attraction
Law of Attraction

Law of Attraction in the Real World

By Jeannette Maw

Now that we’re practically inundated with the magic of manifesting (thanks to the stunning success of Rhonda Byrn’s DVD “The Secret” and Abraham-Hicks’ “Ask and It Is Given”), lots of bright-eyed Law of Attraction newbies are visualizing their dream lifestyles expecting miracles of change to unfold before their eyes.

And what happens?

Sometimes big change happens overnight. But not usually.

What happens more often is someone faithfully practices their visualization or builds a vision board or whatever other manifestation technique they were told to do – for about two weeks. That’s when efforts fizzle because of lack of results. Frustration creeps in because it sounded so simple, yet nothing’s happening.

As an Attraction Coach I’ve seen first hand the difference between someone who gets what they want and someone who doesn’t. Here’s what I’ve found separates the master manifestors from those who struggle without success. Which category are you in?

People who regularly and easily get what they want have these traits in common:

  1. Knowing what they want with crystal clarity. Daring to claim it and having strong desire for it.
  2. Perseverance and Commitment. Little things going “wrong” don’t sway them from their goal. They hold true to what they want.
  3. While they’re committed, they’re also unattached. Their state of happiness does not hinge on this thing happening. Sure it’s going to be great, but it’s not the be-all end-all of life. Life is already good.
  4. Looking for and appreciating evidence that things are going their way (rather than expecting or bracing for disappointment).
  5. Having a “Yes!” approach to life. Living largely toleration-free or at least being willing to eliminate tolerations that do exist.

Those who struggle to create success and quickly give up on deliberate creation share these qualities:

  1. It’s a do or die situation. They need something to happen fast, and are in high anxiety every time they think about what they want.
  2. Stuck in their old story that prevents good things from happening. Attached to feeling bad.
  3. Letting evidence that things aren’t going their way drag their emotions down to the depths of negativity.
  4. Unwilling to change things in life that aren’t serving them (living with tolerations).
  5. Not addressing deep-seated limiting beliefs.

The good news is you can move from one category to the other once you’re aware of the habits that keep you stuck.

It’s not that successful manifestors don’t have challenges as well, they just handle them differently. When you know what you want, are clear and committed to it, look for things going your way and feel good now, it’s inevitable you get what you want. Whatever that is.


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